The Monocultivar Canino DOP

Tradition comes first

Our oil is an extra-virgin olive oil, MONOCULTIVAR CANINO is obtained from age-old plants. Canino is a high-quality type of olive, typical of the Maremma area, which is now considered a “DOP”  trademark. Our olive trees are located in the Farnese municipal area.

Our land, our plants and our olive trees are neither chemically nor artificially treated. They are only irrigated with rain-water and no intensive harvesting is performed. Daily monitoring and care by expert personnel guarantee the well-being of the plants and the quality of our oil.

The olive press

Space for innovation in order to ensure maximum quality

It is the plants themselves which tell us when the best moment is to harvest them. The olives are harvested manually with the help of mechanical equipment.

The olives are then pressed at the most within 12 hours from when they are picked at our oil mill, which through a continuous cycle, only presses our olives.

The choice to use a state-of-the-art press and stainless steel containers, equipped with temperature and nitrogen pressure control systems, guarantees maximum quality and innovation in the production and storage of an oil made with eco-sustainable methods. Learn more