The harvest

The harvest

How much do you know about the magical procedure through which an olive is transformed into oil? All of us should have the possibility to participate at least once in our lives in harvesting olives…this is what goes on at Poggio Narnara! Canino is usually harvested in the second half of the month of November, but it is the olives that suggest the best time when to start their harvest, depending on the specific year. We use manual harvesting methods with the help of mechanical arms, which are man-maneuvered and which make the olives fall by shaking the branches of the tree.

10390030_643037675812580_6474980494270306228_nAt the end of each day, our olives are transported to our oil mill which only presses our olives.

It is fundamental for the quality of the oil that the olives are pressed within 24 hours from when they are harvested; our olives are weighed, then the leaves are removed and finally the olives are pressed within 5 to 8 hours from when they are picked.

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The olives are therefore pressed on the basis of a continuous cycle in our oil mill thanks to a modern, state-of-the-art machine which ensures maximum hygiene and quality. The internal mechanism of the press is complex, but we can tell you that in order for one olive to be turned into oil it has to remain about one hour inside the machine. At the end of the procedure, the oil is filtered and transferred into our stainless steel cisterns, through a nitrogen filling system which controls the pressure and temperature. We store the oil as long as possible in the cisterns, then we bottle it right before it is put into your hands!